Converting Air into Water In Israel

EWA potable water.jpg

If the threat of diminishing potable water available on earth is getting you down, then you probably need to hear some more water conversion stories. At Tap It Talk, we have brought you tales of gadgets converting salt water to drinkable water,  urine to drinkable water and now here is a new one for you:

Converting air to drinkable water.

Israeli company EWA Tech (Earth Water Air) will unveil its air to water device at the 13th annual CleanTech International Summit beginning June 29th in Tel Aviv. The concept, born in a dry area with perpetual drought concerns, is simple: harness the humidity that air conditioners extract. And in Israel's Negev Desert, or similar climates in the Middle East and Africa, the water potential is 11.5 milliliters for each cubic meter of air. Using an EWA Tech product, this means potable water is sucked from the air at a rate of 1 liter per hour. 

What's more, EWA has designed their products such that they can be powered by solar energy. So, just to be clear, we are talking about a product that will cool a room using clean power and also create potable water. Even the Jetsons didn't have something like this!

EWA How it works.jpg

Photos courtesy of EWA