Detroit Residents Lose Access to Running Water

detroit_street.jpgDetroit has seen the worst economic decline of any American city. With the collapsing American auto industry and manufacturing continuing to be sent over seas, Detroit has gone from a peak population of about 2 million in the 1950's to 800,000 today and loses 10,000 residents a year.

To make things a little worse, many people in Detroit are getting disconnected from the city water supply. Due to decreasing revenue and budget shortfalls, the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) has raised prices and shut tens of thousands of resident's water off over the past few years.

Residents in less populated areas often share water between houses using hoses as service does not come to every house. The problem may only get worse. Detroit's population is projected to bottom out in 2020, leaving many years for services to potentially decline even more.

Residents that lose water access tend not to have the income to pay for tap water alternatives, such as bottled water, that can cost up to a thousand times more. Hopefully the city can find a way to provide basic services that many need to survive.

photo credit: stan on flickr