DC Water Pushes Congress to Cut Back on Bottled Water

Waterbottled:glasses.jpgNew Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Ohio), announced his intention last week to budget House spending by cutting back on bottled water. The waste-reducing idea, which is projected to save Congress almost $800,000 a year, is part of a new plan to cut the House of Representative's spending by $35 million.

The innovative idea was applauded by DC Water General Manager George Hawkins in a letter sent to Speaker Boehner. Hawkins saluted Boehner for his interest in putting an end to budget spending on bottled water, which cost approximately $190,000 in the first quarter of 2010 alone. Should Congress choose to abandon the bottle, DC Water will supply each member of Congress a free reusable water bottle as well as offer free water quality testing in any congressional building. Hawkins also noted in his letter that tap water only costs around a penny a gallon, while bottled water costs hundreds of times more. Learning to love the tap would be both an environmentally conscious and financially savvy decision for Congress.

Those interested in promoting this eco-friendly budget cut can sign an online petition to eliminate House spending on bottled water by going here.

Photo Credit: "Bottles in a row" by Xavi Taleda from Flickr used under the Creative Commons Copyright